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EZ Eggs™ ($4.49/pack) — the latest innovation in artificial roe baits. EZ eggs™ — Super Buoyant, scented, soft yet durable eggs that let you do it all. Fish a single egg or create any size cluster to FLOAT your hook! To create an egg cluster, simply take an EZ eggs™ strand, tie a few overhand knots, then attach onto your hook or into bait loop. VERSATILE and PRACTICAL, not only does EZ eggs™ offer you multiple baits per pack, they will outlast and outperform any cured roe or imitation on the market.

EZ Eggs™ worms ($4.49/pack) - The same great material and scent EZ eggs™ are made out of that comes six to a pack.

EZ Eggs™ hoppers and crickets ($4.49/pack) - Great for all you trout fisherman.

EZ Eggs™ jigs ($2.99 each) - For those of you that like float fishing, these are a must! Brand new... check them out. All jigs are 1/8 oz heads on 2x Gamakatsu hooks size 1/0 with vinyl painted heads.

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New Product Color... Oly Orange!

EZ Eggs - Oly Orange
EZ Eggs - Orange
EZ Eggs - Red
EZ Eggs - Pink
EZ Eggs - Blue
EZ Eggs - Chartreuse
EZ Eggs - Glow (Place cursor over package)
EZ Egg Worms - Bubble Gum - Scented
EZ Egg Worms - Hot Pink - Scented
EZ Egg Worms - Pumpkin Seed- Scented
EZ Egg Worms - Methiolate - Scented
EZ Egg - Hoppers (6 pack)
EZ Egg - Crickets (10 pack)
EZ Egg Jig - Rocket Red
EZ Egg Jig - Blaze Orange
EZ Egg Jig - Hot Pink
EZ Egg Jig - NightMare


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